Deminutivni pridjevi u Rečniku srpskohrvatskoga književnog jezika I—VI

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dc.description.abstract The paper presents morphological and semantic features of adjectives with diminutive meaning, the examples of which are taken from the Dictionary of Serbo-Croatian Standard Language I—VI. After general considerations on the nature of diminutiveness, which is frequently used together with hypocorism, follows an overview of previous research of diminutive adjectives in Serbocroatistic literature. Particular attention is paid to morphological patterns and ways of their formation, the suffixes and prefixes that partake in their formation, sound alternations that take place thereby, and the meaning of adjectives that succumb to diminutization. The way of lexicographic presentation of diminutive adjectives in the researched corpus is also taken into consideration. en_US
dc.publisher Mednarodna založba Oddelka za slovanske jezike in književnosti, Filozofska fakulteta, Univerza v Mariboru
dc.subject diminutiveness en_US
dc.subject deminutywność
dc.subject Serbo-Croatian language en_US
dc.subject język serbsko-chorwacki
dc.title Deminutivni pridjevi u Rečniku srpskohrvatskoga književnog jezika I—VI
dc.type Book chapter en_US

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